Vacuum lifters

Lift easy with Prilift and PRI-oritiz good ergonomy and economy.
PRILIFT is a vacuum lifting system based on the principles of the TUBE lift construction. It is the
simple solution that both holds and lifts with the same vacuum. This gives a very smooth and flexible
lifting movement, a lifting aid which is very compliant, effective and user friendly.
PRILIFT has great economic advantages – a robust and well-proven design, few movable parts,
easy to use and understand, needs minimal maintenance and is durable. Ergonomically designed
and with a well thought through technology, we would say that PRILIFT lifts the user experience
to new levels!

Examples on what can be lifted:
Sacks, cans, cartons, steel sheets, drums, doors, windows, appliances, furniture, crates,
paving stone, wall stone, planks, wooden panels, bottles, wheels, pallets etc.

Example on industries:
Construction-, manufacturing-, logistic, warehouse-, automotive-, packaging-, assembly industries.
In other words, anywhere there is need for lifting and material handling.

PRILIFT is CE marked and follows the machine directive 2006/42/EG as well as American standards
according to OSHA and ASME.

Kartonglyft Prilift

Carton handling

Sheet metal handling Prilift

Sheet metal handling

Can handling

Can handling

Prilift säcklyft

Sack handling