Paving Stone Products

VACULYFT – Handy and flexible machines for laying paving stones.
By using laying machines, you can make economic as well as ergonomic gains. VACULYFT reduces the laying time at the same time as reducing risks for work injuries. VACULYFT is simple to install and you can change tools with a simple manoeuvre and thereby lift everything from most types of paving stones to slabs, kerbstones, natural stones, covers, sacks etc. The machines are available in several different versions. All with specific characteristics to satisfy user needs.

  • Vaculyft E

    Vaculyft E

    Vaculyft E is electrically powered which enables a quiet operation. The flexible laying machine for decorative paving slabs, kerbstones, blocks, sacks, etc

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  • vaculyft-l-kviberg

    Vaculyft L

    Vaculyft L - Fitted with a tracked chassis for easy moving and setting up, for a wide range of lifting applications.

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  • vaculyft-p_03

    Vaculyft P

    Designed for the majority of forklift truck frames–the material to be lifted is kept handy.

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  • Vaculyft PM i kungsbacka 023

    Vaculyft PM

    Vaculyft PM picks up and carries the material to be lifted, thereby minimizing the need for other machines in the workplace.

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  • Vaculyft-SMS1500_TEST

    Vaculyft SM 1500

    The Stone Magnet, for lifts up to 1500 kg. The Vaculyft SM 1500 is suitable for wheel loaders, mobile cranes, forklifts, and most other kind of lifting machinery.

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  • sm500

    Vaculyft SM500

    The Stone Magnet, for lifts up to 500 kg. Vaculyft SM 500 is available with an option of hydraulic or petrol powered vacuum pump.

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  • sms1000-2

    Vaculyft SMS1000

    The Stone Magnet, for lifts up to 1000 kg. Vaculyft SMS 1000 is made for lifting concrete segments, concrete steps, stone slabs, curb stones, walls etc.

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